Both individual & group sessions are available for the services listed below

  • Mediumship ($100/hour... $60/half hour)

  • Tarot Card Reading ($50/spread, half hour session)

  • Reiki Healing ($60/hour)

  • Integrative Energy Healing Session ($100/hour)

  • Aura Readings ($50 half hour session)

  • Chakra Evaluation ($50 half hour session)

  • House Cleansing ($200)

  • Dream Interpretation ($50 half hour session)

  • Law of Attraction Coaching ($100/hour)

  • Meditation Coaching ($50 half hour session)

  • For each additional person attending any of the above services ($25/hour)

  • Webinars coming soon!

If you are interested in doTERRA Essential Oils and would like an Intuitive Wellness Evaluation, pleaseemail me to schedule and feel free to check out my doTERRA website for more information on the oils. 

Most services can be completed during a Skype session if you're not local to the Pittsburgh/Indiana PA Areas. All Skype sessions must be paid for in full before the time of service.

At this time, the only forms of payment available are Cash and PayPal.

To schedule an Appointment, please email Katie and include your phone number.

*Additional Mileage Expenses may be added depending on the location.

**Ask me about my referral bonuses and promotions!

***If you would like to inquire about services outside of these, or request a class, shoot me an email or a text and I will see what I can do!